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年4月7日 · KLSE. 8K理财书下载区 KLSE.8K文章完整版(Frugal网友收集). 年1月14日 KLSE. 8K文章完整版(Frugal网友收集) KLSE.8k. 'KLSE' in Chapter 2 and throughout the. Guidelines as demutualisation of the KLSE - ZRp. GUIDANCE NOTE .. (5)(d);. Schedules 8B, 8C, 8J and 8K.

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Get the Khee san berhad - Bursa Malaysia Stock - KLSE Latest Quarter Report. Description of KHEE SAN BERHAD (A) CONTENTS Notice of the. 年4月8日 View pdf from ENGINEERIN at klse.8k; University of Science, Malaysia; DEPARTMENT - Fall YungShin on TWSE outperforms YSPSAH on KLSE. ➢Industry Sector: Pharmaceuticals Fixed ratek. SGX. Minimum consolidated pre-tax.

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Seo, M. State Management of Religion in Indonesia. New York: Roudledge. The philosophical thoughts and ethos of the Western world are based on empiricism, rationalism, secularism and many more ideas as such. In addition, this paper precisely depicts that many philosophers of the Western world denied the divine guidance, guessing that without any attachment of religion they are able to change the destiny of their lives.

They assume that human being has come into existence by chance or evolution, through endowed with the faculties of reason and sense of perception. Besides, they think that man has rights to fulfill all kinds of desires for the sake of happiness with certain values such as democracy, equality, human rights, social justice and others. Moreover, this research shows that this speculation distanced them from the guidance of God; as a result, all kinds of rebellious activities are prevailed in their thinking as well as the policies of societies and states.

Furthermore, this article will argue that most of the chaos and anarchy that are continuing throughout the world have been created because of secular education system, and it will provide the right pathway to humanity and that will be possible only by forsaking secular education system and adopting Islamization of human knowledge. Keywords: modern education, oblivious to God, chaos and anarchy, Islamization of knowledge, salvation of humanity.

The philosophical thought of the Western world is based on empiricism, rationalism, and secularism. The philosophers of the Western world deny the divine guidance guessing that without any attachment of religion they are determined to change the destiny of their lives. Besides, they think that man has rights to fulfill all kinds of desire for the sake of happiness with certain values such as democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and others.

This speculation distances them from the guidance of God. As a result, all kinds of rebellious activities prevail their thinking as well as the policies of societies and states. In addition, their speculative doctrines spread out all over the world, and consequently all kinds of chaos and anarchy prevail everywhere in the world. Therefore, to save the entire humanity education system must be Islamized. Responding to this world-wide malaise, this article is written, with some main points including the definition of knowledge, the sources of knowledge, the concept of IOK and its definition, necessity of IOK, the failure of modern Western education and its causes.

Here we have come with some famous offline and online English dictionaries that define the meaning of knowledge such as: Knowledge means information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education. Or awareness of something: the state of being aware of something Merriam-Webster.

Knowledge means understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally. Or Knowledge means the state of knowing about or being familiar with something Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Knowledge means acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition, or familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning Dictioanry.

Knowledge means facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, or awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation Oxford Dictionaries Language Matters. Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.

Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit as with practical skill or expertise or explicit as with the theoretical understanding of a subject ; it can be more or less formal or systematic.

In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology; the philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as "justified true belief", though "well-justified true belief" is more complete as it accounts for the Gettier problems. However, several definitions of knowledge and theories to explain it exist. The meaning of knowledge in Islam The meaning and origin of knowledge in Islam is somewhat different from the secular perspective.

In the name of your Lord who creates, creates man from a clot of congealed blood. The first and second verses indicate that revelation is a source of knowledge, while the third verse shows that knowledge could be realized through the use of the senses empiricism.

The mentioning of the mind in the third verse implies its use in rational thinking: 1. In the light of the contents of the above verses, knowledge in Islam is truth. Thus, it can be defined as the truth relating to the nature of GOD Allah , His creation and all phenomena, acquired through revelation, reasoning and experiences of the senses.

Some key concepts used in the definition need to be explained. Nature, in this context, refers to the qualities, attributes or characteristics, which belong to GOD, creations, and all phenomena. We cannot know GOD in the way we know ourselves but with the aid of His revelation we can know His nature in terms of His attributes. For instance, we know that He is One and He is eternal, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and He does not need a helper, a wife and a son.

We do not know Him if we ascribe the opposite of these attributes to Him. We can also know facts about plants, chemicals and rocks in terms of their uses, properties and relationships with other matters.

Intangible phenomena like justice, gentleness, rumor and democracy can also be known by acquiring facts about of the features of gentleness. The term phenomena in context of the definition refers to things that appear to and are perceived by the senses, excluding God, angels, Satan, Jinn and paradise, which our senses cannot perceive.

We have tangible phenomena like stone and magnet and intangible phenomena like riot, strike, communism, poverty, and wedding ceremony.

They all have properties and essences and can be known. In the Islamic epistemology, revelation is added to the two sources of knowledge over which the rationalists and realists disagree. Revelation as a source of knowledge takes the forms of a direct verbal communication by which Allah speaks to man behind a veil as had happened to Prophet Musa - peace be upon him, b inspiration, and c sending an angel with a message to a man.

However, with the death of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him , the seal of the Prophets, revelation ceased to come from Allah whoever claims to have it is an imposter or someone being deceived by Satan.

Knowledge obtained through revelation, being divinely ordained, is absolute knowledge haqqul yaqin ; it is infallible and hence the most reliable form of knowledge. Rationalism is another source of acquiring truth or knowledge. Knowledge acquired through it is known as ilmul yaqin knowledge by reasoning or inference.

Rational thinking alone cannot suffice for man to acquire true knowledge because his intellect has limitations. He therefore needs revelation to ascertain the reliability of what he understands through rational thinking.

Without this, people can introduce many alien ideas into Islam under the guise of rational thinking of Islamic philosophy. Philosophers like Al kindi, Al Farabi, and Ibn Sina, for instance, were said to have introduced Greek thought into the body of Islamic thought and belief, and for this reason, Syyid Qutb as quoted by Moussalli caution that: The correct Islamic concept should not be sought in the writings of Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Al Farabi, or others who are called the philosophers of Islam.

Their philosophies are only shadows of Greek philosophy, alien in its spirit to the spirit of Islam…… Scholars such as Valiuddin , Ahmed , and El-Zein also state similar idea about Greek philosophy and Sufism. However, for scholars like S. He writes that finally, we have the level of pure knowledge and understanding. It is that of the contemplative, the gnostic arif , the level that has been recognized throughout Islamic history as the highest and most comprehensive.

Quoted by Fakir , p. Makhdum Sawi, a Sufi scholar, as related by El-Zein , p. Owing the fact that the human intellect has limitations, knowledge acquired through rationalism, logic and contemplation needs to be verified by revealed knowledge. Secondly, mystical knowledge or claim to knowledge is not the preserve of Muslim mystics; they cannot, for instance, perceive angels, and they can sometimes mislead us.

For these reasons, knowledge based on the empiricism ayn-al-yaqin may sometimes be unreliable. It also needs confirmation by revealed knowledge. Revelation being absolutely reliable and supreme is superior to the other two sources of knowledge.

These other two sources, rationalism and empiricism, must it in no way contradict revelation, they can provide further or detail explanation to revealed knowledge but the explanations need confirmation by revelation. Sources of knowledge in the sight of Dr. Whatever has been revealed to you from your Lord is the Truth, and yet most people do not believe.

Muslims desire to rediscover their own way of life after being held subservient for a long period under the dominant western civilization. Thus, this concept is not merely a slogan, a catchword, a symbol or an empty rhetoric without any significance.

Object-Oriented Technology

It bears a deep meaning especially to those who thought and conceptualized it. The process of Islamization excludes Islamic traditional knowledge because this knowledge has never detached God as the ultimate truth and reality and the origin of all knowledge. Secondly, it has gone through the process of Islamization by the early Muslim scholars. Islamic traditional knowledge has already integrated reason, intuition, and revelation.

It has also integrated belief, knowledge, and good deed or value, to cater for both spiritual and material needs. Thus, it has been fully integrated at the ontological, epistemological, and axiological levels. An overview of the works of these leading scholars reveals that they employed more specific phrase related to the concept.

Celestial Magic Nigel Jackson Pdf Writer

In other words, it refers to knowledge based on Western secular worldview: knowledge as conceived and disseminated throughout the world by Western civilization. Al-Attas disagrees with the commonly used Arabic phrase aslamah or Islamiyatul marifa because he argues marifah is a priori knowledge already there or innate and independent of experience , and it does not need to be Islamized.

He prefers to use the Arabic phrase aslamat —ulum al muasirah or Islamiyatul ulum al-muasirah. However, one may wish to argue that in the Muslim tradition al-marifah refers to secular knowledge whereas al-ilm refers to religious knowledge.

In this sense the former translation is correct because the knowledge that needs to be Islamized is Western secular knowledge and not the religious knowledge. Considering the sensitivity of Muslim community, some scholars prefer to use other terms in place of Islamization such as de-secularization, de-Westernization, de-socialization, resocialization and integration of knowledge holistic.

However, they all share the same essence, which is to bring all contemporary knowledge to be consistent with the tawhidic paradigm. The emergence of the idea of Islamization of contemporary knowledge stems from the basic premise that contemporary knowledge is neither value-free nor universal.

Contemporary knowledge has undergone the process of secularization and Westernization which is not only in harmony but also endangers the Muslim faith. Al-Attas argues that knowledge is not neutral and can indeed be infused with a nature and content which masquerades as knowledge.

Al-Faruqi points out that the West claims that its social sciences are scientific because they are neutral; that they deliberately avoid human judgment and preference; that they treat the facts as facts and leave them to speak for themselves.

francisco massiani pdf files

This, we have seen, is a vain claim. For there is no theoretical perception of any fact without perception of its axiological nature and relations. He further argues that modern knowledge is not universal but is ethnocentric, in particular Eurocentric, and consequently it is not universally applicable. Since knowledge is not neutral, modern knowledge cannot be applied in toto to the Muslim community which has certain values and beliefs that differ from Western civilization.

Contemporary secular Western sources and method of knowledge depend solely on the empirical and rational means. It undervalues and most often neglects a major means of knowing, the scriptures. Western knowledge is not anchored in transcendental values nor is it related to religious faith. Western sciences are completely secularized.

Islamization is defined by Al-Attas as the liberation man first from magical mythological, animistic, national-cultural tradition, and then from secular control over his reason and his language. It brings about peace and harmony within himself, and also between him and other men and nature.

In this sense, man has set his course towards the attainment of his original state, which is in harmony with the state of all being and existence i. It is also liberation from subservience to his physical demands which are inclined toward the secular and prone to injustice to his true self or soul, since man has a tendency towards forgetfulness of his true nature, becoming ignorant of his true purpose and unjust to it.

Al-Attan further explains that Islamization involves firstly the Islamization of language since language, thought and reason are closely interconnected and are indeed interdependent in projecting to man his world view or vision of reality. Thus, the Islamization of language brings about the Islamization of thought and reason…This fact is demonstrated by the Holy Quran itself when it was first revealed among the Arabs.

He argues that the concept of Islamization in general will naturally lead to the Islamization of contemporary knowledge. This is so because thought, reason and language shape the form and kind of knowledge to be generated. Al-Attas explains the Islamization of contemporary knowledge as the deliverance of knowledge from its interpretations based on secular ideology; and from meanings and expressions of the secular. More specifically, he defines the Islamization of present-day knowledge as that, …after the isolation process referred to the knowledge free of the Western elements and key concepts isolated are then infused with the Islamic elements and key concepts which, in view of their fundamental nature as defining the fitrah, in fact imbue the knowledge with the quality of its natural function and purpose and thus make it true knowledge.

Al-Attas clearly identifies and explains the foreign elements and key concepts that should be removed from the body of contemporary Western, secular knowledge as comprising: 1.

The concept of dualism which encompasses their vision reality and truth; 2. Their dualism of mind and body; their separation of intellects and ratio, and their stress upon the validity of ratio; their methodological cleavage pertaining to rationalism and empiricism; 3. Their concept of tragedy- mainly in literature. He believes that to Islamize knowledge is to redefine, and reorder the data, to rethink the reasoning and relating of the data, to reevaluate the conclusions, to reproject the goals and to do so in such a way as to make the disciplines enrich the vision and serve the cause of Islam.

Al-Faruqi asserts that the task of Islamizing knowledge which in concrete term means to Islamize disciplines or, better, to produce university-level textbooks, is among the most difficult to realize because it involves recasting some twenty disciplines in accordance with Islamic visions.

According to Al-Faruqi, As disciplines, the humanities, the social sciences and natural sciences must be reconceived and rebuilt, given a new Islamic base and assigned new purposes consistent with Islam. Why knowledge is necessary to be Islamized? The are some reasons which play a very important role to demolish Islamic education from the Muslim countries, and because of these reasons the whole education system has failed to bring peace and tranquility not only in the Muslim society but also in the entire world.

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At this modern period, people are becoming more educated but they are not becoming real humans. They are humans only in name but they always seem to be wild animals from their activities and behaviors. They are fully far from humanity.

It is experienced that sometimes their deeds overcome four-footed animals. This is because the global education system is totally free from divine attachment. There is no relationship between Allah SWT and current international education systems. This is why people become educated without ethical values and unconscious about the Almighty Allah SWT, the absolute Creator. When Muslim world had ruled the whole globe over around 8 centuries, Muslims had their own education system, and there was a close relation between men and Allah SWT but when Western secular education system penetrated in the Muslim world, it distorted Islamic norms and values from education system and rejected the obedience of Allah SWT accepting materialism and rationalism.

The reasons are discussed gradually which play crucial role in order to exile Islamic education system from the Muslim world.

And in most cases, they became successful in their mission. The tools that they used to eradicate Islamic education from the Muslim countries are gradually being stated. Secularism Secularism is one of the lethal weapons of enemies of Islam by which they destroyed Muslim world. Because of horrible attack of this doctrine Muslims deprived of Islamic education system. They have occupied the land of Muslim world and spread everywhere secular education system. This was presented as giving people the right to choose and practice any religion, but at the same time, it restricted religious practices to the private sphere.

Religion was completely cut from political and educational life. The West realized that the secret of Muslim power lay in their commitment to faith and religion. So, to weaken Muslims, it was necessary to propagate the ideologies of nationalism and secularism. This was accomplished primarily through the print media.

Their magazines and newspapers started publishing articles containing the ideas of nationalism and secularism. A deliberate and systematic change in the educational system was also adopted as a weapon to propagate the ideas of nationalism and secularism.

From the midth century onwards, schools and colleges on modern Western lines were opened in large numbers in British colonies Ali, The British Governor- General spearheaded this movement and made sure that the products of the new secular educational system were people who had been duly instilled with modern Western ideas and who would become officers, public servants and workers serving the interests of the British. Another weapon of the West was modernism.

Modernism Modernism was another ideology that played a significant role in weakening Muslims. Modernism is an ideology that deifies change and is always in search of something new. The salient features of modernism which contributed to the decline of the Muslim world may be outlined as follows: expelling religion, culture and tradition from public life and promoting the supremacy of reason.

Reason and sense perception became the cornerstones of the process of modernization. The application of empiricism and the so-called scientific spirit without any recourse to the revelation displaced religion from any role in guiding public policy.

Furthermore, modern methods that emphasized a rational and empirical approach were introduced. As a result of the onslaught of modernism, strengthened by the development of institutions and introduction of the new infrastructure, the scientific and empirical methods of knowledge became dominant while other sources and methods of knowledge of revelation were marginalized Ali, At the same time, knowledge hierarchy that was once dominant in the Muslim world was obliterated.

The modern Western theory of knowledge had no place for classification of knowledge as being higher or lower and superior or inferior in the spiritual sense.

In the secular classification of knowledge, scientific knowledge occupied the highest place. The aim and purpose of knowledge was given a different twist by the modernists. Throughout history Muslims had pursued knowledge for the sake of knowing God and themselves, or for leading a purposeful and virtuous life. This aim was transformed to knowledge for the sake of power. As Michel Foucault stated: knowledge is for the sake of power. The Aim of Islamization of Knowledge Due to the lack of Islamic education, Muslim children are losing their own identity and accepting such ideology that is neither benefitted for himself nor others.

Secular education system is producing such kind generation that always work for worldly benefit not for the hereafter. Because of such kind mentality, people are becoming more selfish and greedier as well as dishonest. To produce honest and transitional people, there is no alternative of Islamization of human knowledge Hasan.

There are some aims of Islamization of knowledge which are very significant for the reviving of Islamic world: 1 To set up mission of Islam in the mindset of Muslim Ummah: In the past Muslim communities, the message and the mission of Islam had played a dynamic role.

As Muslims distanced themselves from the message and mission of Islam, they began declining in many aspects of life. Hence, it is imperative for us to look first into the message and mission of Islam as they have lasting implications on the rise and fall of Islamic civilization and the ummah.

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not the first messenger of Islam sent for mankind, as is wrongly misunderstood by many; rather he was the last of all the messengers sent by God. He did not bring any new truth, message or guidance. He came with the same truth and was entrusted with the same mission and duty as all other messengers who preceded him. The prophet peace be upon him did not neglect his duty for the sake of worldly gains. He pursued his mission even though he had neither abundant resources nor political power to support him.

But in spite of strong resistance from adversaries, he was successful in his mission. So, was it the result of his methodology of his excellent quality of leadership? We also learn that whenever the followers of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him continued their mission in their lives, the marched forward and achieved the heights of civilizational development.

And when they stopped carrying out the mission of the prophet peace be upon him, they declined. This is the reason that we observe, both in the past and the present; chaos, crises, crimes and high cost of living prevail even though we are able to apply technology for the production of commodities.

Consequently, not only have Muslims declined, but so has humanity as such. Today, we proudly say that we have achieved unprecedented development materially and technologically. Are chastity and humanity practiced by the majority of people? And such is the case even though every Friday, the imam of the Friday prayer reminds Muslims all over the world to do all these things.

Hence, it is necessary for us to look into the Islamic vision of life. The discussion of the Islamic vision of life may begin with a very important and fundamental question. Why do we need a vision in our life? The answer to this basic question is very simple - we want the good of this world and the next, which depends entirely on the correct and true vision of life. But all empirical realities around us demonstrate that man has bitterly failed in this quest.

Only these sources can authentically and truly prescribe the correct vision of life and the correct worldview. Both Islamic thinkers forcefully assert that the whole history of mankind is a witness to this fact.

According to them, the laws of society confirm that leadership, both intellectual and political, is responsible for the decline of nations and civilizations. This contention is fully supported by the empirical evidence from both the Western and the Muslim world. The so-called development in the modern West is rightly attributed to the dynamic role of intellectuals and leaders. In the case of present-day Malaysia, the full credit for its development is rightly given to the dynamic leadership of the country.

If all this true, then what was said by the second caliph, Umar al-khattab, seems to be empirically confirmed Hasan, p. Instead of bringing development to the Muslim world, Muslim leadership, both political and intellectual, has been responsible for the decline of the ummah.

They were unable to understand the affairs of the ummah from internal and external attacks and takes the ummah towards the path of development of the basis of Iktihad, and today we are also suffered due to incompetent leadership and liberalized leadership.

Where are our own Islamic ijtihadich qualities, including a leadership that can take decisions courageously on the basis of the Islamic worldview? We badly lack that leadership.


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