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yang lain. bs ipa sebelum - bsehoni - buku ipa kelas ix smp/mts ini disusun free pdf download now!!! source #2: biologi xii ipa erlangga compgarbullkunsbar.gq free pdf. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa kelas VII, kelas VIII, dan kelas IX. Buku pelajaran ini disusun . Buku Paket Ipa Biologi Kelas 12 Gratis Penerbit Erlangga menyusun buku buku pelajaran ipa sd kelas 6 - pdf. buku pelajaran sd kls 6. download. di sekolah ini jumlah siswa kelas 7 jumlah siswa kelas 8 jumlah siswa kelas 9

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Buku Ipa Kelas 9 Erlangga Pdf

download buku biologi kelas xii ipa erlangga ktsp - download buku biologi erlangga xi pdf buku biologi erlangga mts - buku kurikulum edisi terbaru - buku ipa . Campbells Psychiatric Dictionary, Campbell Biology Chapter 9 Test . setiap bab. kata kunci peta konsep merupakan alur ber- buku rpul sd pdf download 52 erlangga mandiri matematika smp kelas 9 - kunci jawaban buku erlangga 76 untuk sang pemimpi – 78 buku pelajaran ipa sd kelas 6 - kumpulan. xii ipa erlangga ktsp - download buku biologi kelas xii ipa erlangga ktsp download kelas xii ktsp d a pratiwipdf download buku biologi sma kelas xii ipa pdf ix smp/mts ini disusun dengan pemikiran di atas. bidang ilmu biologi dipakai.

Kelas 7. Buku Matematika; Buku Kelas : 7. Besides reading the procedures, you will have the chance to write your own procedures which interest The content of the book is integrated in the four language skills, i. Dimana Buku pegangan guru dan siswa Kurikulum Edisi khusus untuk kelas 3, 6, 9, dan Soal-soal untuk PR maupun untuk latihan ulangan. Semua soal berupa file PDF dan dapat dibuka dengan menggunakan software adobe acrobat reader. Kunci dan pembahasan soal dapat dilihat di www. Ignorance and laziness is my main enemy. But those who believe in God Allah more than I appreciated the knowledgeable people who merely for worldly interests.

Can you state the materials you will need? How many steps are there? How about the frame? Mention some commands, details and tools. Decide whether the following statement is true Practice 8 T or false F based on the text. Correct the false one. You need three batteries to make a monster with bright eyes. You also need glue for the experiment. Connect your third wire to the other screw.

Use glue to stick the bulbs and the battery onto the back of the card. Use sticky tape to attach the paper mouth and nose. This structure can be considered a kind of imperative. Let us pray. Let us not despair. Let me see— suppose I take the M6 from Birmingham Suppose I take the M6 from Birmingham This is common in formal and ceremonial language, but informal uses are also possible.

I am sorry. Would you repeat what you just said? Would you mind repeating what you just said? Could you repeat what you just said? Unit 1 - Are You Sure About What a diligent student she is! How diligent she is! Wait until you see a small wave then lie on your surfboard. When the wave is close, start paddling furiously. If you are more experienced, you could try kneeling on the board once you are on the wave.

The most important thing is to keep your balance or else you will end up falling off the boar! Title Materials needed Number of steps Verbs showing actions.

Choose the word that is closest to the meaning of each of the words below as used in the text. T-shirt b. The steps written in the text are about learning to surf. The steps are especially for beginners 3. The text would most probably be found in a manual. A beginner is suggested to wear a wet suit when the weather is cold. Water with rough waves cause a clean ride.

To catch a wave in the text means to dive under a wave. Keeping the balance is the key word for successful surfing. Germinating petunia seeds Follow these instructions to.

You will need: Fill seed tray with soil. Incorporate fertiliser into soil. Scatter seeds on the surface of the soil. Cover seeds with a 3 mm layer of soil. Press firmly. Spray water to moisten the seed bed. Place seed tray in warm, sunny position at least 25 deg. Keep soil moist by watering gently while seeds are germinating. Seeds will germinate in approximately 10 - 14 days. Where would you most probably find that kind of text above? How long will it take for a petunia seed to germinate?

What is the minimum temperature requited when the seed is put in the sun? How should you water the seeds when they are germinating? Activity 7. Words Parts of Phonetic Indonesian Speech transcription Equivalent utensils n alat masak trademark n merek dagang prepare v menyiapkan awful adj tidak menyenangkan surf v berselancar ingredients n bumbu seed n biji firm adj kuat stir v mengaduk sticky adj lengket.

Yellow butter purple jelly red jam black bread Spread it quick Say it quick. Yellow butter purple jelly red jam black bread Now repeat it While you eat it. Yellow butter purple jelly red jam black bread Dont talk With your mouth full! Presentation Activity 1 From the face in the picture we can tell how he feels. How do you think the boy in the picture feels?

He looks sad because he might have got bad news. When he tells you about his bad news, how would you respond it? What expressions would you use in the situation? Study the following short dialogues.

Read them aloud while paying attention to the responses. My uncle didnt get the job after all. Oh, what a pity!

Have you heard that people were killed when a plane crashed this morning? Oh, how terrible! My uncles house is drowned because of Lapindo mudflood. Now they are staying with us. The kids lost most of their school stuff. Im sorry to hear that. Let me know if you need anything, ok? You look sad,Ucok. Is anything wrong? Ive lost my wallet. Did you put some money in it? Thats the problem. I put the school fee for this month.

Oh dear.

Thats a pity! Look at this news. A ship was reported to have sunk into the ocean due to a fire. Thirty passengers were killed including a three-month-old baby and two pregnant mothers. Oh no! How dreadful. The following expressions below are some of the expressions that you can use to respond to bad news.

Read them aloud with the correct pronunciation and intonation. Responding to very bad news 1. How awful! How terrible! Im really sorry to hear that. That mustve been awful! That mustve been terrible! Responding to less serious news 1.

What a shame! What a nuisance! Poor you. Bad news may come from people regretting for the mistakes they have done. What do you say when you regret for the things you have done and what do you say when you hear someone regrets for the things he or she has done? Study the following short dialogues and read them aloud while giving attention to the expressions in bold type. Dialogue 1 Ani: You look different,Ali. What is the matter? I dont know why I did not study hard for the exam.

I failed the exam. Dont take it so badly. Thanks a lot for your concern. I really regret rushing off the house. I knocked an old woman down. Was she injured? Not seriously,actually. Dont blame yourself. It could happen to anyone. Dialogue 3 Endah: I cant think why I never listened to your advice.

Why did you say that? Is there anything wrong? I rode my motorcycle carelessly and hit a tree. It broke down. Luckily, I did not get seriously injured. I know how you must be feeling, but that could be a good lesson for you to be more careful in the future. The following are expressions we can use for expressing regrets.

Kelas09 Bahasa-Inggris Gunarso

Read them with the correct pronunciation and intonation. I dont know why I never listened to your advice Im really sorry I didnt listen to your advice I really regret having hurt your feeling I really regret not obeying your advice. The following are expressions we can use for responding to regrets. Dont take it badly 2.

Dont blame yourself 3. I know how you must be feeling, but it could happen to anyone. Practice acting out the following dialogues. After that, answer the questions after the dialogues. Dialogue 1 Anita and Julia are reading a newspaper in the library Anita: Oh no. Its about the earthquake and the tsunami in Aceh. Its really terrible.

The news states that at around 8 a. They destroyed the land 15 minutes later. More than two hundred thousand people died and many were missing. Its unbelievable. Anton joines them. Hi, Anton. How are you? Not so good. Are you sick? This morning I watched TV. All the news was about the tsunami in Aceh and North Sumatra. You know, most of my relatives live there. We are really sorry to hear that.

Thanks for your concern. What does it mean when Anita says Oh, no? What is the bad news? What does she mean when Julia says Its unbelievable. At school. It is Wednesday Dialogue 1 Tami: Excuse me, Sir. Id like to ask for your permission to be absent for a couple of days. Mr Hardi: Whats the matter, Tami? Well, my father is ill. Hes going to have an operation. Oh, dear. How long will you be absent? I hope to be back next Friday.

Thats all right, Tami. And I hope your father will get better soon. Who is Mr. Hardi to Tami? How does Mr Hardi show his concern? Work orally in pairs with these situations. One gives the news and the other responds to the news in an appropriate way.

Thousands of people were killed during the earthquake last month. My uncle passed away last week. He died of heart attack. Someone stole my mobile phone when I was sleeping on the bus. My sister hit her mouth on the car door and broke a tooth. My vacation at the beach was terrible. It rained hard all day. Complete these dialogues by using suitable expressions. In pairs act the dialogues out after that.

What happened to your leg? I hurt it playing football. I fell as I was running to get the ball. I wont be able to play for a month. Did you hear that there was a burglary at the Hasanss house?

Well, when they came back from their holiday, almost all their furniture had been stolen, their new TV set and stereo too!. I wont be able to come to your party tonight. Im afraid Im not feeling well. I think Ive got the flu. Ive got a fever and a terrible headache. Now, your teacher is going to read the complete version of the incomplete dialogue below.

While listening complete the dialogue and answer the questions about the dialogue. You look worried , Anang. Whats the matter? I cant seem to. Thats a problem. But dont you have an alarm clock? Yes, of course, but I never seem to hear it.

Well, why dont you download an electric one? They go on ringing until you switch them off. Yes, that.. What is the problem with Anang? How does Edy react to Anangs problem?

What kind of suggestion does Edy give to Anang? Hi, Nirina. This is Surya. Im calling from Kuta. From Kuta? What are you doing in Kuta? Im on vacation.

Hows the weather in Kuta? Is it sunny? No, it isnt. Its been rain ing for the whole week. You cannot have a good time then. No, of course not. Im having a terrible time here. I regret going to Bali in the rainy season.

I dont know why I never listened to you. You still can have a lot to enjoy in the rainy season there. Its your turn now to make a similar dialogue. This is the situation: Youre on vacation, and the weather is terrible. Call a classmate.

Download Buku Ipa Kelas 9 Penerbit Erlangga

Now in pairs create your own dialogues based on the situations below. Then present your dialogue in front of the class. You call your friend and invite him to play football together. Your friend politely refuses because he just got a traffic accident.

He was hit by a car from the back. Now he has to wear a cast. Express your regret and promise to visit him soon. Your sister calls you from a bus station and tells you that she has been waiting for an hour but you have not appeared. Express your deep regret for keeping her waiting and tell her to wait for some more minutes. Have you also written a letter responding to bad news?

How do you write it? Have you also written a letter expressing regrets? Jakarta, November 1, Dear Miss Ana, I heard from my classmate Mila that you are hospitalized.

Im so sorry to hear about your condition. I really would like to visit you but Im still in Jakarta and wont be back until the end of the month. My prayers for your health. Ill visit you as soon as I arrive in Surabaya.

Hi Dimas, whats up pal! Toni told me you just got an accident. He said you would miss our game against Diponegoro Secondary School. Dont worry about it friend! Get well soon! What type of letters are they? Do you notice the difference between the two? Which one is more formal? How do you analyze the structure of a letter? Could you identify the following parts in both letters?

The following extract mentions steps of writing a letter responding to bad news. The text has been modified from the text in the internet written by Andrea Miller. Originally the text was written for letters of condolence for someones death. However it could be used as a guide for making letters responding to bad news. Read the text carefully and try to understand what you do in each of the steps.

As a starting point you need to acknowledge the sadness. Examples could be: I was sorry to hear that I was very upset to hear. I was terribly sorry to learn about. Step 2. Express Your Sympathy Examples could be: Please accept my sympathy for your I want to express my heartfelt sympathy for.. May the love of family and friends comfort you.

But dont make offers you cant fulfill. If there is anything I can do such just let me know. Please call if there is anything I can do.

Download Buku Ipa Kelas 9 Penerbit Erlangga

Close with a thoughtful word or phrase. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.. With love and sympathy, Sincerely, Your friend, Love, Affectionately yours, Yours, Very sincerely With my deepest sympathy, My fond respects to you and yours.

Galang got an email from his friend telling him that her holiday is terrible. However, the letter cannot be read because its torn. Help Galang reconstruct the letter by filling in the missing words. Im on vacation with my family. Food is another problem. Tell me about it when the holiday is over. Galang wants to write back to Nia, but his English is not so good.

His letter is not well-arranged. Help him rearrange the letter telling Nia that he feels bad about Nias vacation. You must feel terrible there with nothing interesting to do. I broke my legs when riding my bicycle. Well, my vacation is not very good either. Hi Nia.

I got your email. Now I have to wear a cast for at least one month. Ok, Nia. Come back soon. One of your classmates has been sick in the hospital for a week. Try to write a short letter to respond to the following situation:. The younger brother of an Exchange Program student in your class from Australia is being hospitalised for cancer.

She is now back home in Australia and has written you a letter telling about that. You want to write her back. Search the internet for expressions used in each of all the steps for making letters responding to bad news, three expressions each.

Search the internet for a. Steps of writing a letter responding to bad news acknowledge the sadness, express your sympathy, offer assistance, close with a thoughtful word or phrase, the ending and sign off. Respond to the following bad news, one different expression for one different situation. One third of the people in the world do not have enough clean water.

bse ipa smp kelas 7 pdf reader

Chemicals have destroyed ten percent of the ozone layer in Europe and North America. Each year, people burn or cut down nearly , kilometers of forest.

Every day, Americans and Canadians produce 1. Fill in the following two incomplete dialogues with appropriate expressions. Dialogue 1 Hasan: You look so awful today Jufri: I was having the worst week end in my life.

I dont understand Jufri: I lost wallet in the bus, and somebody tried to steal my hand phone. Are you OK, Tony? I must leave the class and go home now. Ive just got a call from my home in Menado. Was it a bad news?

Please accept my condolences. If theres anything I can do for you, just tell me now. No, Ir, but thanks anyway for your concern. Through this letter I want to accept my heart-felt sympathy for this sadness. If there is anything I can do just call me or send me short messages. I was very sorry to hear that your son had a motorcycle accident yesterday and that he had to be hospitalised.

With love and sympathy, 5.

Have you found your English improved after doing the activities in this unit. Words Parts of Phonetic Indonesian Equivalents speech Transcription assistance n bantuan terrible n sangat buruk dreadful v sangat jelek cuaca sympathy n simpati torn adj sobek regret n penyesalan nuisance n penyebab masalah shame n sesuatu yang memalukan respond v menaggapi exchange n pertukaran. There are houses Made of wood, And houses made of sticks; There are houses Made of mud, And houses made of bricks.

There are houses That are high, And houses that are low; There are houses That are single, And houses in a row. There are houses In the east, And houses in the west; There are houses all around me But my house is the best! You know a mouse, dont you? In the following picture you see more than one mouse. You see many mice. Say not write as many words as possible about a mouse. Work with your friend in your group. Your teacher will help you do this. He or she will also show you how to say the words correctly.

The table below can help you find the words. A mouse is a rodent. A mouse has four legs. A mouse runs fast. A mouse is a big eater. A mouse smells well. A mouse has a tail. A mouse is a small mammal with short fur, a long tail and pointed face.

To talk about something in general, you may also use the plural form. So, you can either say:. A mouse is a rodent or Mice are rodents. A mouse has four legs or Mice have four legs. A mouse can run fast or Mice can run fast. Here are more exercises to pronounce the plural -s. Read the following sentences aloud individually:. Tigers like to stay near a tree to catch their preys. Pigeons can fly at sixty miles an hour. Chickens, ducks, and turkeys lay eggs. Cheetahs cannot draw in their claws.

Leopards are members of the big cat families. Ostriches find their food in grasslands. Now, let us see what you say about a mouse in general. When you say mice have long tails, you mention the physical characteristics. Look at the pictures below and find an animal with one of the following characteristics mentioned in the table below. Then, say the sentence, for example, Giraffes have long necks.


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